The Science

A Scientific Approach to Recovery


At Potion Life, we’re dedicated to the science behind our products. Now, we know that scientifically proven hangover cures that really work aren't really a thing. You can't cure a hangover as such, but what you can do is work to manage the symptoms, and help get your body what it needs in order to rebound better and faster. Until recently, dealing with hangovers meant either dosing up on painkillers and hoping for the best or eating carb heavy, greasy comfort foods - or a combination of both. We believe that all the ingredients we need for a healthy, happy life have already been provided by Mother Nature. She just needs a little help from scientists to bring them all together.


Our revolutionary products have been created in one of the leading development laboratories in the UK, giving you peace of mind that everything we do is backed up by scientists, nutritionists and experts in herbal supplements. We have spent years testing, researching and developing our own alcohol recovery drink, gaining valuable feedback from real human beings who’ve tried all the different formulas and given us their (sometimes brutally!) honest feedback on their flavour. Since arriving at a product that everyone loved - not only for its taste, but also because it really worked - the Potion Life brand has been going from strength to strength.


The liquid edge

We know only too well that modern life can be a challenge. But we also know that with the right combination of vitamins and minerals, we can play an active part in our own resilience and wellness. We also know that how those vitamins and minerals are consumed makes a big difference to their efficacy. The body finds it much easier to absorb liquid supplements as opposed to tablets. In fact, it’s been proven by scientists that we only absorb 20% of the vitamins provided in tablet form, meaning all those good intentions of popping a vit pill every morning mostly go to waste. Liquids are kinder to the body and more healthy overall than vitamin tablets too, and because we’re all about wellness we knew that a liquid solution was the way forward for us.


At last, an alcohol recovery drink that tastes great

 After Party’s advanced solution has been created to give you a natural energy boost, whilst supporting your immune system and feelings of overall wellness. It’s packed with essential nutrients including Vitamin C, Vitamin B and complex electrolytes, along with a healthful blend of turmeric, milk thistle, willow bark and amla - all renowned for their restorative qualities.


Our concentrated formula comes in a handy sachet, giving you exactly the right amount of nutrients all delivered in one easy shot. This means you’ll always know that you’re giving your body exactly what it needs to recover, no matter how late you stayed up the night before.


So, the next time you’re wondering about scientifically proven hangover cures that really work, remember there's no magic wand, but there is a collection of ingredients to help you recover better, and that's your After Party by Potion Life.