About Us



Hi! I’m Elly and I’m the Co-Founder of Potion Life. My mission with Potion is to create products that help people feel as good as they possibly can. 

When I hit my late thirties I started to notice that my hangovers were getting worse and worse. Even when I was only having one or two drinks, my usual go to cure hangover cure of a packet of Monster Munch and a diet coke was no longer cutting it. My day job at the time (Head of Marketing for an awesome beauty brand) saw me working alongside some amazing Doctors, herbalists, nutritionists and product development experts. One day when I was feeling exceptionally fuzzy after two glasses of red the night before and I ended up grilling my colleagues for ways I could make myself feel better. 

Armed with their advice and long list of vitamins, minerals and herbs, I crawled my way to the local Whole Foods and came back armed with a bag full of products and Potion Life was born! I had a realisation that I wanted to create one easy product that combined all these great nutrients and natural wonders without relying on artificial sweeteners or bulky fillers. 

It’s taken over three years to develop this final After Party formulation which not only performs but also tastes good - trust me, it took many, many grim tasting iterations to get here! Now I can’t be without it, it’s not only great when I’ve had a couple of drinks the night before but invaluable for when I'm feeling run down or travelling. 

We've be working with one of the UK’s leading development labs this year to develop a concentrated, enhanced version of After Party that’s not only more convenient but also now Vegan! We got lots more products in the pipeline to help us live life to the absolute fullest! Watch this space. 

Hope you enjoy! Have a great After Party! 

Elly x