The Best Hangover Cure Drink - After Party!

Is this the best hangover cure drink?

We invented After Party with a team of scientists to be the best and most effective hangover cure drink possible. Although in an ideal world we wouldn't need a hangover cure, and we never encourage excessive drinking, sometimes, even one or two drinks can leave you feeling tired and groggy the day after.

This is where After Party Hangover Cure Drink comes in, it’s an expert blend of vitamins minerals and herbal extracts to make you feel as good as possible the morning after the night before. Lots of people have to go to hangover cure food, which would be toast or fats food or an energy drink, After Party is an effective and healthier hangover cure drink! So what’s in and what does it do?

 Vitamin C for Hangovers

Vitamin C is an immune system boosting antioxidant which can neutralise toxins., it’s an anti-inflammatory and is a powerful anti stressor. Drinking can deplete vitamin C so having an After Party Shot can replace this nutrient. 

B Vitamins For Hangovers

B vitamins are energy vitamins that can reduce the symptoms of a hangover, After Party replaces lost vitamins which your body uses to process alcohol. ​​ Vitamin B complex is known for improving brain function, and it improves the health of your cells exponentially, potentially leading to a longer and healthier life. It also vamps up the production of your red blood cells. This prevents people from being susceptible to anaemia. It is also used to increase our bodies' energy levels, making us feel more energised. It is also a stress reliever and benefits the mood and reduces the physiological stress response.

 Magnesium for Hangovers

Magnesium is one of a few minerals that act as cofactors for many biochemical reactions in our body. This means that It helps in the production of energy, making us feel more active and energised. It is known for being an anti-inflammatory mineral, and it is also known to fight against type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol levels. It also provides us the energy to exercise more, so now you can hit those gym machines for longer!

Magnesium is also known to treat depression. Latest research advocates that many cases of depression and mental illness are caused by low levels of Magnesium in everyday foods. Its properties can lower blood pressure, too, leading to a healthier heart and blood vessels overall, potentially preventing heart attack and stroke.

Turmeric for Hangovers

Tumeric has been used as a medicinal spice in the Indian Subcontinent in treating conditions such as high cholesterol and osteoarthritis for millennia. It has been in use for almost 5000 years by ancient civilizations in the Indian Subcontinent. Its main ingredient is curcumin, it is a known preventer of heart disease, and there are countless studies to prove it. Oxidative damage, caused by free radicals, are highly reactive molecules that are found when electrons react with substances such as fatty acids, proteins, and DNA. Curcumin halts the activity of such molecules by bonding with them due to their chemical structure.

Willow Bark For Hangovers

Willow bark extract contains salicylic acid-like chemicals which act as a natural form of aspirin. The chemicals in willow bark work the same way as aspirin, by reducing inflammation and pain as it enters your bloodstream.

Amla For Hangovers:

Amla or The Indian Gooseberry is one of many fruits that act as an antioxidant and gives your body the much-needed detox! It is an excellent food that aids digestion for many people. It is rich in Vitamin A, which improves eye health, and it is rich in Vitamin C. 

Milk thistle for Hangovers:

Milk thistle is mainly used to reduce cholesterol levels and improve liver function. It also prevents and improves liver diseases such as chronic Hepatitis C. Studies have shown that milk thistle caused a reduction in fasting blood glucose in diabetic patients. It also has traditionally been used to protect the liver  


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