Why Potion Life’s After Party is the best reviver and how it works

Why Potion Life’s After Party is the best reviver and how it works

If you’ve ever googled ‘can a hangover kill you?’ (it’s a worryingly popular query), we feel you - dancing till dawn fuelled by tequila is all well and good until you wake up the next day with a throbbing head and a stab of nausea, and sometimes it feels like it just might. Luckily for you, those killer Sundays (or Wednesdays, we’re not judging) can be a thing of the past thanks to After Party, our powerful pocket-sized drink that helps to ease those unpleasant after-effects of a night on the booze. 

You’ll probably already have tried and tested plenty of methods to get rid of a hangover, whether it’s a greasy fry-up, refreshing ice lollies, a strong coffee or a herbal tea; but none of them have quite hit the spot hard enough to give you back your mojo. It can reveal itself in different ways. Whether it’s a heavy wine headache, a queasy stomach that makes you wish you’d skipped that last round of shots or sheer exhaustion from doing the stride of pride, you need the right recipe to get you back on your feet (or at least upright and hydrated). 

So, what should you drink when you feel rough? Enter, After Party. We’ve worked with trusted scientists, nutritionist and herbalists at a leading lab to work out exactly how to target the effects of drinking to excess - not because we encourage heavy drinking, but because we know what it’s like when you’ve had a few too many and the next day is a struggle. It’s all about balance, after all - and our cocktail of smart, quality ingredients helps your body to rebalance and get back to its best, quicker than you can say ‘My round?’

The best part? It’s a short, sweet shot of watermelon-flavoured goodness (we love ours chilled for extra oomph), so downing just one more drink could bring you a world of relief from whatever type of hangover you’re suffering with. Here’s how After Party can help you recover from one too many… 


It’s ironic, isn’t it, that if you’ve drunk too much, you need to drink more to recover? Of course we don’t mean hair of the dog here, but rehydrating your body the morning after with something a little less intoxicating. Not only is After Party a drink in itself (tick) but it contains ingredients that will help to hydrate you properly, more than a simple glass of water can (not to mention that aforementioned coffee, which thanks to the caffeine could actually dehydrate you further). 

Alcohol is technically a diuretic, which means it makes you go to the toilet more than you need to - hence those queues for the pub toilets on a Friday night. Hangovers might cause you to sweat more too (lovely) so you really need to stock up on liquids if you want to feel better fast. The electrolytes magnesium and manganese that we’ve blended in to After Party will help to bring your hydration levels back to normal, which should mean your head feels a little less fluffy… 

Everything hurts

We’ve been there. Those uncomfortable feelings running through your body are not just from your epic dance moves - your liver is working overtime, and its glutathione stores (a chemical which helps to break down the toxins created by alcohol) will have been depleted if you drank a little more than you should. Your blood vessels will also have expanded during the boozy hours and are then contracting as it wears off, which causes headaches and general pain. Why do we drink again? 

But relief is possible, and you don’t have to reach for painkillers to get it. We’ve added vitamin C and vitamin B, two essentials which help to eliminate toxins, as well as Amla, an ancient Indian gooseberry extract that supports the liver; and not forgetting willow bark extract, the anti-inflammatory and analgesic wonder ingredient that’s known as ‘nature’s aspirin’. Headache? What headache? 

Tired. So very tired

While we’ll do everything we can to enjoy a lay-in if we’ve been at the cocktails, alcohol disrupts your body’s sleep cycle so it’s not always as easy as counting sheep and turning off the alarm clock. If you’re trying to work on a hangover or simply need some get-up-and-go, After Party has a healthy mix of vitamins, minerals and extracts to boost your energy. 

Our vitamin C and B complex will reduce fatigue, while electrolytes magnesium and manganese stimulate energy levels and Guarani, a Brazilian plant extract, provides a pick-me-up thanks to its powerful antioxidants properties. Just one shot and you’ll have a spring in your step in no time. 

Sickness and stomach issues 

Big night? You’ll probably want to stay near a toilet - too much alcohol can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea because of the way it inflames the stomach lining. If you’ve got that sinking feeling, reach for an After Party pronto to keep sickness at bay; that golden super spice turmeric in our pocket rocket helps to soothe an upset stomach and keep your digestive system healthy. 

Plus, it’s anti-inflammatory, so you can relieve some of those pesky hangover symptoms by fixing the source of the issue. Genius. 

Drinks in the diary? Stock up on Potion Life After Party for the morning after here

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