Why Liquid Vitamins Have the Edge Over Tablets

Why Liquid Vitamins Have the Edge Over Tablets

If you need to take some vitamins, you might be wondering which are better - liquid or tablets? Should you take a hydrating recovery shot, or are vitamin tablets better to consume? 

You might be surprised to know that liquid vitamins are much better than tablets, in nearly all ways. Here are a few points that you might want to consider when taking your vitamins and deciding between liquid or pills. 

Tablets might not break apart properly

Sometimes, vitamin pills do not break apart, so will not completely release all of their ingredients. Instead, they will just pass through the digestive system whole or semi-whole. This is actually the case in a surprising amount of pills - they either don’t break up or only partially release their ingredients. Liquid vitamins obviously do not have this problem, and it passes through the digestive system easily!

Swallowing pills can be difficult 

Some adults and children struggle with swallowing tablets or capsules. This difficulty is also eliminated by taking liquid vitamins instead - they are consumed just like you’d take any drink. 

Pills can cause digestion issues

Some people find it challenging to digest food. This could be due to a health concern, or a surgery, for example gastric surgery. As liquid vitamins are much easier to digest, it is recommended for people with these conditions to avoid vitamin tablets. 

Liquids can be modified

If you want to take a specific amount of your liquid supplement, you can easily do this using a liquid. For example, if you want to take slightly under the recommended dose for any reason (maybe you already ate a meal that day with some of the vitamins in), you can just use a little less liquid than the recommended dose. 

Liquids can be absorbed easier

The main reason many people opt for liquid supplements is that they absorb quicker. They can break down a lot easier and, due to this, you will feel the benefits quicker. So, whether you need to take some essential vitamins to give yourself an energy boost, or if you are hungover and need a quick fix, liquid vitamins like ours at Potion Life will work quicker!

Liquid vitamins are easier to take, and you’ll feel the impact much quicker. They are generally a much healthier and efficient option when compared to taking vitamin tablets - switch to them today and feel the difference! 

Our after party recovery shot is excellent for hangovers or jet lag, but is also an ideal option if you just want to add some extra vitamins to your diet. They come with all the benefits of other liquid vitamins - try them out today!

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