Three Ways To Elevate Your At Home Drinks

Three Ways To Elevate Your At Home Drinks

Whilst we can’t get to any of our favourite bars or see any friends during the lockdown, we’ve taken the opportunity to experiment with ingredients that add a bit of bougie to any at-home drinks, enjoy experimenting and enjoy a shot of After Party the day after!

1: Bitters - Elevate a G&T to something fabulous


We were gifted this full set of Javier de las Muelas' Droplets at Christmas. It contains a selection of bitters that add a layer of something extra to your drinks (or food!) I prefer a savoury to a sweet drink and have been adding the Rosemary or Celery drop to seaweed gin for an extra savoury hit. It makes a great aperitif There are hundreds of different bitters to experiment with and will invigorate any drink to make it super special 

2: Fresh Herbs - Making an Insta'ble Drink

We’ve got a teeny garden and I’ve been growing herbs for a few years to use in cooking but this year I’m adding more to my drinks, a few leaves of muddled rosemary adds a medicinal note to G&Ts, fresh mint (I've got a lavender mint which has a gorgeous scent), elevates pretty much anything, especially a mocktail or even just a sparkling water. Coriander adds a whole new level to a Bloody Mary as well as making a Piccante as addictive as it is and basil is a key ingredient in this refreshing, aniseedy basil smash 

3: Glassware

I’ve been collecting fun glassware for a while and more time at home gives me the opportunity to put them to use!  These Cactus Marg glasses make me smile every time

Making Margs Great!


I found some glorious vintage Champagne saucers from ebay, they make me feel like an old school movie siren, I love it, the perfect 6pm pick me up, similar can be found here:




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