Summer Hangovers - Why they are worse than winter hangovers, and how to prevent them…

Summer Hangovers - Why they are worse than winter hangovers, and how to prevent them…

 A hangover is often the sign of a good night out, but that can be hard to believe the morning after! And this can be all the more true on summer days, compared to winter mornings - why is that?


Well, in the depths of winter, when the early hours are dark, it is much easier to pull the duvet over your head and go back to sleep, and not feel that you are wasting the day. Sun peeking through the curtains and the sound of birds chirping is not conducive to a lie in at all.



“Alcohol doesn't cause hangovers, waking up does!” - Unknown


Unlike last summer at the height of lockdown when we were all having kitchen discos, Zoom cocktail making classes and not having to face the world when we were feeling a little delicate, this year day-drinking. with friends, in person, is back in play!



Finally, we are opening up to parties, festivals, long weekends and even summer breaks in warmer climbs resulting in long, hot days, with cool, refreshing beverages, and the combination of alcohol, sun, heat and a bigger window of time to fit it all in can take a nasty toll on you for a day (or two) after drinking. As a matter of fact, knowing how your body processes alcohol, and specifically, the type of alcohol you’re consuming can help determine everything about how you feel during and after drinking.


Alcohol facts:


  • Only 20% of the alcohol you drink is absorbed through your stomach like food would.
  • However, this 20% is the portion that can reach the brain in less than one minute.
  • The other 80% of alcohol consumed passes through the duodenum (small intestine), then through membranes and directly into the bloodstream.
  • Upon entering the bloodstream, alcohol quickly gets distributed to organs throughout the entire body.


So why do we all react so differently to drinking alcohol when technically we all process the fluid in the same way? Is it possible to actually stop the process in its tracks and prevent painful hangovers? And how do we make the day after drinking more bearable, especially as we get older and less able to deal with hangovers for whatever reason (adulting is hard!!)? 

So what steps can you take to limit the effects of a hangover or completely eliminate it…


  • Water and hydration need to be a top priority, not just when you stop drinking but throughout the day long. Some experts recommend ensuring you have a glass of water between each glass of alcohol to stay hydrated, but this can be hard to stick to after a few cocktails!
  • Clinicians advise you to wait 48 hours between heavy drinking periods. So if you had a big day yesterday, take a break and let your body reset.
  • Science shows that if you stick to more distilled booze (generally more expensive) and red wine, the after effects can be less painful.
  • Stay away from bubbles. Champagne, prosecco, bottled beers and ciders, plus carbonated mixers will speed up the absorption of alcohol in the body and make the coming recovery process worse.
  • Eat foods high in protein, as they take longer for your body to digest. Doing this before you drink, can also help slow down the absorption of the alcohol into your body.


When your hangover prevention steps ultimately fail, what can you do to save yourself from losing a day?


  • Hydrating the body is the best thing you can do. Drink water before going to bed so you absorb the water while sleeping. But don’t overdo it! Too much fluid can cause restless sleep from frequent trips to the bathroom.
  • Sleep… The more sleep you get, the less of the morning you have to be in pain.
  • Coffee is a 50/50 choice depending on how much you generally consume, for some, one cup will cause a headache for others they may feel human again after four cups.
  • Eating some greasy food may at first help you feel better, it has nowhere near the same benefits as rehydration.


If you are thinking this all seems like hard work and reaching for a pre-lunch Bloody Mary seems like a solution, be warned this will only delay the hangover! At Potion Life, we are a team on a mission to save you from your fuzzy head. Our advanced formula has been scientifically created to deliver a natural energy boost, whilst also supporting your immune system and overall sense of wellbeing. Packed with vitamins, minerals and fruit extracts, it’s got everything you need to keep you going when you’ve been burning the candle at both ends
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