Festive Cocktail ideas

Festive Cocktail ideas

Tis the season to be jolly… While this year’s Christmas celebrations may feel very different, there are still plenty of things to celebrate and lots of ways that we can enjoy the festive period. If you’re forgoing your annual Christmas party for drinks over Zoom, here are a few of our favourite Christmas cocktails to get you in the mood. And don’t forget,  we will have your back the day after with our new concentrated After Party shots to help you recover from the hangover! 

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Gingerbread and Espresso Martini

This is a warming, spicy upgrade to the much loved Espresso Martini. Legend has it that the espresso martini was created by Dick Bradsell when an unnamed supermodel said to him ‘can you please make me something that will wake me up the f***k me up?’  


Vodka 50ml

espresso coffee 25ml, chilled

gingerbread syrup 15ml, we like Taylorsons which is  available on amazon 

3 coffee beans

1tsp cinnamon and sugar mixed together


Rim a chilled martini glass with cinnamon and sugar mix.

Shake all the liquid ingredients together with a handful of ice until well chilled then strain into the glass. Float the coffee beans on top of the foam  and serve.

Mulled gin

Everybody loves gin - but have you ever tried the mulled variety? This recipe is a classic that’s bound to warm you up on colder days, like a grown up version of Readybrek


100 ml gin

Half a sliced lemon

400 ml apple juice

1 cinnamon stick 

4 cloves

3 crushed juniper berries

1 teaspoon of honey


Split the gin up into four glasses. Ensure that they are heatproof. 

Put all of the other ingredients into a saucepan, and put on medium heat until they are simmering. Then strain the mixture into a jug. 

Pour the mixture into the glasses, so they combine with the gin. Stir them well, and garnish with extra lemon. 


My festive favourite, gorgeous for a boozy brunch, this take on a standard mimosa, is the  perfect thing to have on Christmas morning. They are relatively low alcohol but are still very fun to drink and have that authentic festive flavour. 


240 ml of grape juice - still or sparkling

1 bottle of prosecco or another type of sparkling wine

2 chopped up apples

120g fresh or frozen cranberries

175 g of pomegranate seeds


Find a large punch bowl or jug. In the bowl, place all the fruit. Then, pour over the grape juice and finally, add the prosecco. Then serve into individual glasses!

These cocktails are all straightforward to make, and all taste absolutely delicious! Whether you’re looking for something warm and hearty, or a delightful festive take on a regular cocktail, these three are great ones to add to your drinks recipe book. Cheers!  

If you wake up feeling ropey the next day, be sure to have an After Party recovery shot on standby, the mix of vitamins, minerals and fruit extracts have all been expertly blended to save your day.

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