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After Party - Free Samples!

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We were due to be at Glastonbury this year, sampling our Recovery Shots backstage... As that not going to be happening this year we have decided to offer a free sample of two sachets of After Party to anyone who wants to try it. All we ask is that you make a contribution of £1.99 towards postage and packaging.  

We would love to get your feedback on the samples so if you could opt in to our email at checkout we will be able to send you a short feedback form in a couple of weeks.

After Party’s advanced formula provides a natural energy boost whilst supporting your immune system and overall wellness. Crammed full of vitamins, minerals and fruit extracts including Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, Electrolytes, Turmeric, Milk Thistle, Willow Bark Extract and Amla to replenish, After Party has everything you need to feel energised and restored the day after a late night.

 Perfect for getting through busy periods of intense work, parties, weddings, hen and stag dos, festivals and more - simply drink After Party when you want a refreshing, replenishing boost that tastes good and works fast. 

Vegan friendly and low calorie

How to use: Squeeze gel into a glass of water (extra hydration!) and stir. 

Please note, one set of samples per household. 

Find out more about the ingredients in After Party and how they help you feel great HERE 

Always drink responsibly, Potion Life does not encourage or support excessive or binge drinking, underage drinking or any other unsafe drinking behaviour. 

After Party does not prevent or protect against alcohol poisoning or alcohol abuse.

Ingredients: Water, Agave syrup, Flavouring substances, Acidity regulators (Citric acid, Tri sodium citrate), Dextrose, Thickener (Carboxy methylcellulose), Magnesium citrate, Preservatives (Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate), Amla extract, Ascorbic acid, Milk thistle seed powder, Turmeric extract, Willow bark extract, Manganese gluconate, Nicotinamide, Cyanocobalamin, Pyridoxine hydrochloride, Thiamine mononitrate,  Riboflavin, Folic acid.


Also, we can only ship to the UK at the time being - we are trying to get our head around the Brexit impact but it's looking too expensive for us and the current courier services are too unreliable to offer overseas shipping at the moment.  



Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I ordered the free samples, I found that they were great for a pick me up when a little hungover and worked really well. I wasn't a massive fan of the flavour but would definitely try them again in a different flavour.

Surely buying more

Not sure if it’s good for after party comeback, but it’s doing miracles for everyday life! As a gardener,I am doing physical job and often coming home totally exhausted and dehydrated. With a glass of this I feel that life is pouring back into my body!

paul Haley
Didn't get sample

When I opened my sample pack they had both burst open so I didn't get to try this product


3 bottles of red in and a very late night, how ever would I have made it to work without ‘after party’.

I would highly recommend for party goers that have reached an age, where you just can’t bounce back like you used to.

Wonderful, try it and see.


So I saw that Potion Life was doing free samples of After Party and I'm a sucker for supplements so I decided to pay postage and give these a try. I wanted to try these to see if they could perk me up even when I hadn't had a late night or was hungover. I had the shot mixed with cold water just before I started to work which is when I'd usually have my second coffee of the day instead. The drink was so refreshing and I didn't end up needing that coffee! I was really surprised that it actually worked! I've now bought a box of 18 and I intend to use them regularly.